Children’s Society – Introduction

We are about to finish our first year in Character Animation! Can you believe it?? Well… it’s true.

We are making a project along with the Chindren’s Society. They gave each one of us a different audio, real stories about real people from the Society. Most of them touch sensitive topics about their issues or the things they’ve been through which is devastating but also motivate us to help them in our way.

I feel lucky to have one of the most positive stories in my class. A story that is about all those people who help this children everyday with their support and how useful it is to them. The main message is that thanks to all this supportive people, children can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s why I called my shortfilm: HOPE

Out of the box

I think that aside from class it is important to investigate other languages and to be engaged into our artistic community.

So… I’ve been recently taking part on 36daysoftype challenge!! 36days is a yearly open call inviting designers, illustrators and visual artists to share their view on the letters and numbers from our alphabet. This is my contribution to 2017 edition.

You never know where inspiration is going to come from!


Instagram addict

Yes I am. I have an amazing relationship with Instagram, I just love the way it works. I have a personal account and another one for my art. I think it’s really useful to post your work so other people, artists, clients can see it. I love staring at other artist drawings, how they use lines, colors, shapes, etc… It just inspire me.

Here some of my latest posts on my Instagram art account @hellomengual: