The London Illustration Fair – 2017

Today I attended with my classmate and friend Helena Bonastre to The London Illustration Fair in South Bank.

Three floors of artwork, styles and techniques. It was an authentic visual fest. Not just the space was inspiring but also every stand had its special touch. The whole place itself had a unique vibe.

The really cool thing was that the artists were there showing their work and you could talk to them and ask about their work and process, which we did and found super inspiring.

This past month has been crazy and full of work but even at this times when you feel all the pressure, it’s good to take a deep breath, go to the outside and fill yourself with inspiration. Totally worth it!


Into the future

I have this feeling that it’s time for me to explore and get to know what is the industry offering. Search for animation studios that I would see myself working for in a near future. I can’t wait to start working and be part of the animation industry and I also hope that it happens before graduating from the MA.

This is a list I’ve made of studios that I would like to work for:

Passion Animation Studios, London

Studio AKA, London

Blink Ink, London

SPA Studios, Madrid

Picnic Studio, London


Children’s Society – Introduction

We are about to finish our first year in Character Animation! Can you believe it?? Well… it’s true.

We are making a project along with the Chindren’s Society. They gave each one of us a different audio, real stories about real people from the Society. Most of them touch sensitive topics about their issues or the things they’ve been through which is devastating but also motivate us to help them in our way.

I feel lucky to have one of the most positive stories in my class. A story that is about all those people who help this children everyday with their support and how useful it is to them. The main message is that thanks to all this supportive people, children can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that’s why I called my shortfilm: HOPE