MÚCURA: Bones and Storyline

After I exposed my new idea about Isla Múcura in Clare’s session, I left with the bones of my story built and ready to go. Even though my story is based on a true one, some information of Luis’ story was lacking it had gaps that I had to fill with imagination until the story had sense.


  1. Boy lives in an island
  2. He falls in love with a girl
  3. Can’t write or read -> Can’t write her a love letter
  4. Friend helps him
  5. Friend and girl fall in love and leave the island together
  6. Boy realises the importance of reading and writing and learns.


  1. Luis is a shy and illiterate boy who lives in Isla Múcura (Island in the Colombian Caribbean)
  2. One day he sees Maria and falls in love with her.
  3. Luis tries to write her a letter but he can’t.
  4. Juan, his friend, helps him to write down Luis’ feelings, signed anonymous.
  5. Juan delivers the letter under a rock on Maria’s door and he leaves.
  6. Maria sees him leaving and thinks that Juan is her admirer, not Luis.
  7. Maria replies back to Juan.
  8. Juan reads Maria’s reply and falls in love with her as well.
  9. Maria and Juan start exchanging letters in secret.
  10. Meanwhile Luis checks his own rock everyday expecting a response or a sign from Maria.
  11. One day Luis sees Juan and Maria together.
  12. Luis is sad and tries to go talk to Maria to tell her he loves her.
  13. Maria and Juan leave the island together.
  14. Luis never gets to talk to Maria.
  15. Luis is devastated.
  16. Luis realises the importance of knowing how to  read and write.
  17. Luis starts to learn by himself.
  18. One day Luis and another girl have eye contact.
  19. Luis starts writing her a letter.

Author: Sara Mengual Aragonés

Uk based, Spanish Character designer. Dreamer and enthusiastic. Follow my work on instagram: @hellomengual

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